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Know Yourself: Black History Month Quizzes

Know Yourself with Music
Know Yourself (Reading)

Know Yourself

Links to quizzes
Sexual Orientation Quiz

Myer-Briggs Test Online

16 Personalities

Big 5 Personality Traits

Type A B C D Personality Test

Cultural Iceberg

Identity Iceberg

Dosha Quiz

Love Language Quiz


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Women’s History Month Lesson Plan

Women’s History Month 2023 in the United States will begin on Wednesday, March, 1 and end on Friday, March, 31 2023.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Parts of Song Information
  • Main Idea
  • Music
  • Writing a Biography
  • Create an independent song timeline and
  • Write an essay about the progression of women in your life
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Adjectives lesson opener
  • Art, what could you design to change the future for women, and the world?
  • Learn about parts of the song using a Word Cloud
  • Compare and Contrast the parts of the song using a Word Cloud
  • Compare and Contrast

Please pick or choose the objective according to what you want to teach.

Word Cloud

Best Free Word Cloud Generators to Visualize Data

How to create a timeline using Microsoft Word

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Directions from a Nomad by Shante Schuler

I just found out about National Novel Writing Month at the end of October, I decided to throw my hat in and write it all again. This time in chapter form with a little less comedy and more illustration. Some things haven’t healed and I still open my own wounds as I write. There is no stinging this time though, a little peroxide never hurts anything. Anyone is welcome to read along as I write each day, so please check them out on my Nanowrimo profile the link is below:

Directions from a Nomad National Novel Writing Month